Chilli Chicken Healthy No Fry Recipe

Chilli Chicken Healthy No Fry Recipe



  1. 500 gms Chicken -
  2. 1 / VinegarLemon Juice - tblpsn
  3. Salt -as needed
  4. 1 Ginger&Garlic - tspsn each
  5. 1 Onion small - cubed
  6. 1 Capsicum small - cubed
  7. 1 or 2 Green chilli -
  8. 2 tspns Kashmiri chilli powder -
  9. 1 Soy sauce - tblpsn
  10. 2 Tomato Sauce - tblpsn
  11. 1 Cornflour - tblpsn
  12. Salt & Oil


30 mins
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    Pressure cook chicken adding salt nd vinegar(don't add water) for just 1 whistle in medium flame.After 1 whistle release the steam,open the cooker and separate the stock and chicken pieces.

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    Then heat some oil in a pan.Add ginger and garlic and saute for few seconds.Add cubed onion.Saute for 1 mint.No need to make the onions chage colour.They should be crunchy.Then transfer to a bowl.

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    To the same pan and same oil,add capsicum and green chilli.Saute them also for 1 mint in hugh flame till capsicum becomes slightly soft.Transfer them also to a bowl.

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    Again to the same pan and oil add chicken pieces and saute in high flame till they are lightly brown.Now spread the chicken pieces to the sides of the pan and add chilli powder.Miw it with the oil first and then with

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    The chicken pieces.After mixing well add soy sauce and tomato sauce.Mix well.Now add in sauted onion.ginger,garlic,green chilli and capsicum.Check salt and add if needed.Mix everything well.Cook for 5 mints in low flame.

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    Now mix the chicken stock with 1 tblpsn cornflour (without lumps).If you want you can add more water to the stock.That depends on your preference of the gravy.

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    Add the stock-cornflour mix to the chicken.Keep on stirring it low flame till the sauce thickens.Finally add spring onions(optional) ans serve hot.

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