Chef Special Double Roasted Chicken Kebab

Chef Special Double Roasted Chicken Kebab

It is Yummy Snack, Little Spicy and Home version of a Kebab.This is not a Tandoori Kebab,I am introducing Tawa Grilled Method Kebab

Sarin Varghese


  1. 1 inch Chicken Boneless -  cubes size     8 Pcs
  2. For   first Marination
  3. 10 gm Ginger Garlic Paste -
  4. 5 wedges Lemon Juice -
  5. to taste Salt -
  6. to taste Turmeric -
  7. For Second Marination
  8. 20 ml HungCurd -
  9. 10 gm Cheese Grated -
  10. 10 gm Cashew nut Paste -
  11. 10 gm cashewnuts Crushed -
  12. 2 pinchs Chilly Chopped Green -
  13. 2 pinchs Chopped Giner -
  14. Ginger Garlic Paste - For taste
  15. to taste Salt
  16. Refined oil for cooking


60 mins
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    Put first marination in a bowlalongwith chicken pieces and mix it well,keep it in the freezer for 1 hr.

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    Then tossed in a pan with 10 ml refined oil.

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    Please remove half cooked chicken from the kadhai and keep it in a bowl for some time.leave it for become room temperature condition.

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    After put all second marination in a bown with chicken and mix it well then keep it in the bowl for another 20 min.

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    Finally put on the tawa and grill it become Weldone,then served with mint chutney and onion salad

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