English Breakfast Sandwich

English Breakfast Sandwich

A delightful medley of scrambled eggs and bacon served on toasted sourdough bread, with a serving of pear and bean sprout salad.

Raveen Panday


  1. 2 strips bacon
  2. 1 pear green
  3. moong sprouted
  4. 1 lemon juice of
  5. to taste salt


10 mins
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    Whip up a batch of scrambled eggs - recipe here http://raveen.cucumbertown.com/gordon-ramsays-scrambled-eggs-recipe

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    Chop the bacon and fry till crisp

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    In a separate bowl, combine chopped peard, sprouted moong and lemon juice. Add salt as desired.

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    Combine bacon and scrambled eggs

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    Top up a thick slice of sourdough toast with bacon and egg mixture and serve with salad on the side.

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