Chakka Thoran (Jackfruit) with a twist

Chakka Thoran (Jackfruit) with a twist

Its been a long time since i had idichakka.. The moment i heard my mom and brother mention having idichakka, i was craving to have thoran. Today me and my husband went to the nearby Malayali super market to buy Idichakka. I went in and asked, "Do you have Chakka?" I have no idea to differentiate the chola chakka and idichakka. I was excited he had chakka, and bought it. Cost me 115 Rs. I thought who cares.. Worth it! After coming home, we split open the chakka, and to my disappointment it was Chakka chola. :( I searched online to see how i can make thoran out of it. But didnt find any good recipes. So i decided to cook it like Idichakka way, and it turned out to be awesome!
Here is how..

Anitha Raju


  1. 1 number Chakka Jackfruit / - less than / 1 kg
  2. 8 - 9 numbers Onion shallot -
  3. 3 - 4 numbers Red chilli -
  4. 1/4 cup coconut Grated -
  5. 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds -
  6. 1 tbsp Coconut oil -
  7. 1 tsp Bengal gram -
  8. 1 tsp urad dal Broken -


20 mins
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    To prepare the jackfruit, spread few newspaper sheets on the floor. Use a few sheets of plain white paper to remove the latex and make sure you don't use newspaper for this as it might spread the ink!

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    Spread 1 spoon of oil on a storage bowl. Coat your hands and knife with oil as well.

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    Start by cutting the jackfruit into half and further into wedges.

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    Cut the middle stem and outer skin off the fruit. Use paper to remove the latex.

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    Remove the fruit outer skin and collect in the storage bowl. If there is a seed inside, you can keep it aside for preparing jackfruit seed roast.

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    Clean the contents of the storage bowl. I just cleaned with water.

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    In a pressure cooker, add the fruits, turmeric, salt to taste. Pressure cook for 2 whistles.

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    Prepare the shallot, and grind in a mixie with red chillies. Dont grind a lot. Just 2 whips are enough

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    In a kadai, add coconut oil and burst the mustard seeds, curry leaves, bengal gram and urad dal.

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    Once burst, add the grind shallot  and saute till its transparent.

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    Once the jackfruit is cooked, add just the fruit into the mixie and whip for 2 times. Add into kadai.

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    Add grated coconut into the kadai.

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    Let it get roast for couple of mins by adding a little coconut oil. Turn off the heat once its dry.

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    Enjoy for a weekend lunch!

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