Easy Sandwich - Creamcheese /Cucumber/Bell Pepper

Easy Sandwich - Creamcheese /Cucumber/Bell Pepper

Cream Cheese Sandwiches are simple and delicious. Just add some English cucumber, Red bell pepper , little grated ginger and pepper. These sandwiches are light and refreshing – the perfect and easy snack. Ideal for your kids’ lunch box

Shalan George


  1. 8 oz Philadelphia cream cheese -
  2. 8 Bread Firm - slices
  3. English Cucumber - Grated and Squeezed
  4. 1/2 Red Bell pepper -
  5. ginger grated - tiny bit
  6. Pepper powder - for taste


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    Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl

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    Spread on the bread and close with another bread

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    Cit the edges and slice for a shape (Square or triangle)

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