Eggless Chocolava Cake

Eggless Chocolava Cake

Hello, this is my first post in the blog.. As I believe first is always the best. So lets start from a sweet recipe, a chocolava cake... Who don't love cakes and a chocolate cake is a add on.. Chocolava cake is one of my favorite cake... A hot cake with chocolate wosing out is a heaven.. I first tasted this cake in a pizza joint, from then its one of my favorite cake.. Recently i thought why not try it at home, its better than going out to have it every time.. It came out so well and more over its a very simple, easy and a quick recipe.. its takes less then 5 mins if we have prior preparation...

Anuradha kulkarni


  1. one cake For lava
  2. 3 oreo biscuit
  3. 1 tsp sugar Powdered
  4. pinch Baking powder a
  5. 2 tbsps Milk
  6. 1 Chocolate filling ball
  7. For Filling balls
  8. 120 g Dark chocolate
  9. 30 ml Water


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    To make the filling: Heat up water along with chopped dark chocolate until completely melted stirring regularly

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    Once melted transfer it to a bowl, cover it with a cling wrap and let it sit on the counter top for 4-5 hrs, overnight is better. do not refregirate.

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    Then using a spoon scoop out small portion and make balls out of it, i made 10 balls. freeze the balls until completely frozen and transfer it to a ziplock bag and keep frozen to use when ever you wish to.

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    For making one lava cake : Take 3 oreo biscuits, sugar powder and baking powed in a mixer grinder/blender and grind to powder

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    Add milk and mix it to make a thick paste. take a silicon mould or any other cup cake mould add one tbsp of batter. now place one filling ball and put rest of the batter on top.

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    Microwave this for about 45sec to 1.10 mins. I kept it for 1 min.. For extreem lava keep it for 50 sec and for normal lava for 1 min.. Do it your way..

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    As soon as it is done take out and flip over a plate and relish the joy...

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    Note: If you wish to make a couple of them together it may take a little longer time, say 1.5 to 1.10 mis for 2..Time may wary depending on the oven also. Try and experiment, this is such a cake that howerever it comes out it is going to be heavenly... Enjoy baking..

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