Akka's dosa chutney

Akka's dosa chutney

Amal loves the dosas I make. Being brought up in a family where everyday breakfast and dinner are dosas I have learnt the art of making thin dosas. But the chutney I make is never as great as his Akkas (his cook before we got married) orange chutney. All I know are white and red chutney. I was curious about Akkas chutney. I got the recipe from her directly. And yup they are pretty awesome with dosa.

Anitha Raju


  1. 2 numbers Onion -
  2. 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste -
  3. 2 gram dal Roasted - tbsps
  4. numbers chilly Red -
  5. Tamarind - small piece
  6. to taste Salt -


5 mins
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    Roast gram dal, red chillies, ginger garlic paste in 1tbsp oil.

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    Add chopped onions and salute with a little salt.

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    Grind to paste with tamarind and sauted mixture.

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    Chutney ready!

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