Cool cake

Cool cake

Cool cake with orange juice makes our mouth very cool taste and yummy.

Mohana Lakshmi


  1. 200 Flourmaida : grms
  2. 8 Teaspoons Sugar :
  3. 1 pinch Salt :
  4. 2 tea Backing powder : spoons
  5. 1 teaspoon soda Backing :
  6. 300 Condensed milk : grm
  7. 200 Milk : grms
  8. 100 Butter : grms
  9. 10 to 12 Orange juice oranges :
  10. 2 Orange juice oranges :
  11. 2 vanilla essence tea : spoon
  12. 1 Cashew nuts chopped : bowl


30 mins
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    Add all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

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    Then add condense milk, milk, vanilla essence,2 oranges juice, and lightly melted butter, cashew nuts well.

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    Heat the oven with 180 degrees and grease the cake cooking pan with ghee and dusted with flour and add the batter and cook for 30 mins.

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    Remove the cake from oven and cool it, then cut it in to two peaces roundly and

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    And spray all the oranges juice in to the pieces and layered the prepared icing cream on one piece and add another piece on it carefully and add fully the icing cream on the cake.

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    Decorate the cake as you wish and kept it in refrigerator for some time and remove the cake and cut it in to pieces and enjoy it.

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