Prawn and Vodka Pasta

Prawn and Vodka Pasta

Cooking with alcohol is one of the simplest tricks to add extra flavour to your dish. I'm a big fan of a splash of white wine in my fish pot or with white onions and mushrooms, a little glass of beer with venison or red wine in a bolognese salsa or with red meat in general.
To mix things up, you can also cook with stronger beverages and sea foods is one of the best ingredients to try to flambée something in whisky or... vodka. Try this plate of pasta with an Absolute twist.

Juliette B


  1. 250 g pasta Penne
  2. 10 prawns Grey
  3. 1 Onion ,
  4. , 3 cloves Garlic
  5. 20 cl tomatoes Canned
  6. 1 tomato Fresh
  7. Cilantro
  8. 1 Green Chili
  9. 2 tablespoons heavy cream
  10. 10 cl Vodka
  11. Butter
  12. Parmesan cheese
  13. Salt Pepper and


10 mins
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    Cook your pasta until "Al dente"

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    In a pan, brown your dived onion in butter. Once translucent, add the prawns, garlic and green chili. When your prawns turn pink pour your vodka.

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    Once the vodka is evaporated, add the canned tomatoes, cream, the fresh tomato, cilantro, salt and pepper.

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    Dress with a little bit of parmesan cheese, chili flakes and cilantro leaves.

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