Eggy cheesy dosa for one

Eggy cheesy dosa for one

When you don't have time to make the traditional accompaniments for dosa like coconut chutney, or lentil sambar, this is an easy way to turn your dosa into a stand alone meal.

Sanaa A'esha


  1. 1/2 Cup Dosa batter (recipe below)
  2. 4 Quail eggs
  3. Basil Leaves
  4. Paprika Roasted
  5. Cheese


20 mins
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    The recipe for dosa batter is here

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    Pour and spread the dosa batter in a perfect circle. Lower the heat, else the dosa will get burnt by the time you add all the toppings.

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    Crack the eggs over the dosa, sprinkle cheese, basill eaves and paprika.

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    Wait 2 minutes for the eggs to cook through and the cheese to melt. The dosa should be perfectly crispy now.

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    Don't flip this dosa, unless you want a smashed egg with the yolk cooked through.

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    Fold, you will notice the cheese will stick and make it pizza-like.

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