Homemade Chikoo Ice Cream

Homemade Chikoo Ice Cream

Soni Khadilkar


  1. 1 dozen Chikoos
  2. Cream 250 gms Cooking (little more than ½ cup)
  3. milk 1½ cups full fat
  4. Milk ½ cup powder
  5. 1 cup sugarcane


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    Peel the chikoos, deseed and make blend the fruit to make a smooth pulp, keep aside.

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    Take a big steel vessel, add the cooking cream, milk powder, sugar & milk, using a whisk mix together to remove lumps if any formed by the milk powder.

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    Add the chikoo pulp and using a blender, whisk it for 1 minute untill all the ingredients are incorporated. Taste the chikoo milk if needed add more sugar.

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    Transfer the chikoo milk to an air tight container (I used the Tupperware Ice cream box), Let the ice cream set for 2 hrs, remove it again and churn it for 2-3 minutes, transfer it to the air tight box again.

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    This procedure is done to avoid crystallization of the ice cream. Refreeze the ice-cream for 12-15hrs. Remember the freezer should be at maximum temperature & the ice-cream is made in air tight box. Notes-

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    When you blend the ice-cream, it should be of the same consistence of that of a softy.

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    If the ice-cream is not similar to softy, please leave it in the freezer until it reaches the correct consistence.

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    If the ice-cream is too hard, leave it outside to melt for a while.

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