Panchamritham (lit. Food for the Gods made from 5 ingredients) is a sweet salad dessert of sorts. Hindus mostly use it as an offering to God, but it makes for a tasty and quick-to-make snack.

Anirudh Surendranath


  1. 4 Bananas Small
  2. 2 Tablespoons Honey
  3. 50 Grams Rock sugar
  4. 50 Grams Jaggery
  5. 10 Raisins


5 mins
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    Mash the bananas to a rough pulp.

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    Add the rest of the ingredients and mash them to a gooey consistency. You can thicken it if you like that consistency.

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    You can experiment with other ingredients, like Dates, and customise to your taste.

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