Chicken Malai Kabab- RAMADAN Special

Chicken Malai Kabab- RAMADAN Special

Made the malai chicken kabab, it's a quick fix dinner. These kababs doesn't take much time to cook if they are marinated for an hour. Can be made for IFTAR for breaking the fast during the holy month of RAMADAN.

Soni Khadilkar


  1. 4 chicken pieces (boneless)
  2. ginger-garlic 4 tsp paste
  3. turmeric chicken ½ tsp to rub on
  4. Salt as needed
  5. chili powder Red as needed
  6. 3 tsps cream full


20 mins
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    1. Make small pieces of chicken for making kababs. Wash it clean n rub salt & turmeric on the boneless chicken & keep aside for 10 minutes.

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    2. After 10 minutes add ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, salt if needed. Marinate for an hour. After an hour add fresh cream.

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    Add 3 pieces on small skewers, grill until done. These kababs can be cooked on a frying pan also. No need to add oil. Cooking on slow flame.

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    Serve with brown rice.

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