Raw Papaya Mash Curry # My Mom's Recipe

Raw Papaya Mash Curry # My Mom's Recipe

Not everyone loves to eat papaya as a fruit. I'm one among those. I prefer raw papaya to ripe papaya. But I do not have the patience to do all that chopping for an amazing papaya kerala style stir fry traditionally known as thoran. To such people comes the amazing kitchen technique- MASH :P I don't think you will find a similar recipe in google, because its my Mummy's patent which I just grabbed for free.

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  1. 1/2 number papaya medium sized raw peeled and cut into big pieces (throw away the seeds)
  2. 1 number Green chilli , slit
  3. 5 - 6 cloves garlic Crushed
  4. 4 - 5 numbers shallots Crushed/ chopped
  5. 1/4 teaspoon Mustard seeds
  6. 1/4 teaspoon Cumin seeds (optional- can avoid if you are not a cumin person)
  7. 1 sprigs Curry leaves
  8. 1 - 2 numbers red chilli dried (optional, mum doesnt add this, its my tweak to the recipe for a little show off)
  9. 1/4 teaspoons Turmeric powder
  10. 1/2 handful coconut grated
  11. to taste Salt
  12. 1 teaspoon coconut oil (preferably, can use any vegetable oil alternatively)
  13. as required Water


10 mins
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    Pressure cook the papaya pieces, slit green chillies, 2-3 crushed garlic cloves, some salt and turmeric with enough water to cover it all for 2-3 whistles.

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    Grind the grated coconut with some water to a smooth paste (a well ground chutney consistency like).

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    For the seasoning-Heat oil in a pan and crackle mustard and cumin seeds along with dried red chillies and curry leaves. Add the shallots and remaining garlic cloves as well. Get it all brownish (not just golden brown).

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    Open the pressure cooker lid once it has cooled down, mash the papaya pieces well to make it a thick gravy.

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    With the flame on, add the ground coconut paste and mix well. Make sure to boil off if any excess water is there. Add the seasoning too in. You just need to cook for 2 -3 minutes on low flame. Check for salt and add more if required. You can put off the flame when it begins to boil. Serve hot, perfect with rice (and some pappad if you like). Can try as a side to roti as well.

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