Strawberry Sandesh

Strawberry Sandesh

SANDESH  is a very popular dessert  from West Bengal made from curdled milk called Chena and the sugar.  It can be flavoured with essences of fruits,different colours or can be made plain. I am presenting you my recipe of  the sandesh  flavoured with the strawberries 'The Pink Beauties'.

Farrukh Aziz


  1. 2 litres milk Full fat
  2. 3 tbsps Vinegar
  3. 150 gms Strawberries (finely chopped)
  4. 2 tbsps Sugar .
  5. 4 tbsps sugar Powdered
  6. 2 tbsps Heavy cream .
  7. 1/2 tsp Cardamom pwder
  8. strands Saffron Few
  9. 2 tbsps Water
  10. Pistas slivers


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    In heavy bottom pan take strawberries, 2 tbsp. sugar& water. Cook it on medium flame till strawberries are soft & the sauce gets thick, keep it aside to cool.

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    Boil the milk in a pan. Once it comes to boil, slowly add vinegar and keep stirring till milk curdles, then take it off the stove. Let it rest for 5 to 10 mins

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    Strain the curdled milk in cheesecloth & immediately wash it under cold running water to remove all the traces of vinegar, squeeze the cheesecloth. Hang it and leave it for 30 mins to drain water completely.

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    Take the Chena(paneer) in a plate and mash it with heels of the hands till it becomes soft & you start feeling the oil in the palm.

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    Add 3 tbsp powdered sugar, cardamom powder, cream and prepared strawberry sauce in the Chena.  Mix well.

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    Take this mixture in heavy bottom pan and cook on low heat, add few strands of saffron and stir continuously, till the mixture starts leaving the pan and is thickened like a soft dough consistency. DO NOT COOK  IT ON  HIGH HEAT AS IT WILL CURDLE THE CHENA MIXTURE

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    Remove it from the heat and allow it to cool

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    Make small balls from the Chena mixture, press a bit in the center and put some pista silvers in it.

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    Garnish with few strands of saffron.  Chill and serve !!Refrigerate it and consume within 48hours...

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