Qimami sevaiyan

Qimami sevaiyan

Qimami seviyan add up perfectly to the lavish celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is one of  the tempting dishes traditionally prepared during our most auspicious festival.  Being heavy on Dry fruits, it tends to attract you towards it and leave all your worries of dieting and just keep having it one bowl after the other. It is very simple to make but has the potential to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Farrukh Aziz


  1. 500 gms Vermicelli (Benarasi)
  2. 1.5 Sugar kgs
  3. 500 gms Khoya
  4. 100 gms Makhana (fox nut)
  5. 100 gms coconut Dried (grated or finely chopped )
  6. 150 gms dry fruits Mixed (raisins and chopped almonds, pistachio)
  7. 500 ml Water
  8. 4 - 5 cardamom Green
  9. 4 - 5 Cloves
  10. 150 ml Ghee
  11. 1 - 2 drops Kewda
  12. Malai (fresh cream) for topping
  13. strands Saffron for , few garnish


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    Dry roast the vermicelli till golden (do not burn)

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    In a pan, heat 100 ml of ghee, roast makhana in ghee till light golden and crisp

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    Also roast chopped almonds and pistachios

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    In a heavy bottom pan, heat the remaining ghee, add cardamom, cloves and fry for 30 seconds

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    Add 500 ml of water and sugar in ghee and make sugar syrup, stir occasionally (sugar syrup should not be very stringy)

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    Take the syrup off the stove and allow it to cool (just warm)

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    Add vermicelli and makhana  in the syrup, place it again on stove and let it cook on high heat for 2 minutes

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    Lower the heat, add khoya, mix and allow it to simmer on low heat for 15 minutes

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    Stir occasionally to avoid burning

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    Finally add the grated coconut, raisins, roasted almonds, pistas and kewda, simmer it for another 5 minutes

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    Dish out, top with malai (fresh cream), garnish with saffron

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    Serve hot.

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