Cheesy Bacon/Ham Bombs

Cheesy Bacon/Ham Bombs

Anju Tony


  1. 4 - 5 biscuit Pastry/ puff roll sheets
  2. 8 - 10 Mozzarella cubes
  3. 8 strips Bacon ham or -10
  4. Seasoning opttional
  5. to fry Oil


10 mins
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    Cut the roll sheets into squares of 2-3 inch both sides, and make around 10 number

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    Keep a cube of cheese in centre, with seasoning like Italian or chilli flakes which is optional, and close the rolls into a ball covering the cheese

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    Next, fry the bacon strips in its fat or the ham and then cut into rectangle sheet. Wrap the optional meat nicely over the roll and secure it with a toothpick.

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    You can bake these in a 425^F for 15-18 mins till golden brown and criap, or deep fry them till done.

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    Serve immediately hot with any dip, sauce or condiment of choice.

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    It will be dangerous explosion of taste!

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