Homemade apple sauce

Homemade apple sauce

Anju Tony


  1. 8 - 10 apples Fresh green and red medium chopped with skin on
  2. 2 Cinnamon stick
  3. 2 tsps Lemon juice
  4. optional sugar Raw


10 mins
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    In a microwave safe dish, add the chopped unpeeled(nutrients in skin)' along with the cinnamon and water. Microwave it for 5 min covered.

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    Stir nicely and microwace it for another 5 mins till apples are tender and soft.

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    Then, put in a steam escaping blender or mixer and nicely blend well till puréed.

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    Add auga only if needed as well as the lemon.

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    Store in airtight containers for 1 month.

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