The Heat is On - A year of blogging, my 100th post, running across town for the Baker Showcase!

The Heat is On - A year of blogging, my 100th post, running across town for the Baker Showcase!

Yes! Completed a year of blogging, I know I should have done something really special instead of a simple no-time consuming and easy sorbet, but I was busy in the crowded streets of chickpet doing shopping....more on that later. As soon as I saw the date on my desktop calendar I kept  looking at it again and again, just to make sure if I was seeing the correct date, I mean how does time fly so fast, may be because I loved every moment of it?
This blog has been a good friend over the last year, kept me busy, thinking and throwing challenges along the way. It has given me a purpose, something to look forward to everyday, connected me with some like-minded people in the real and virtual world and introduced me to food photography. i know its going to be a part of my life for years to come.
This also being my 100th post, I wanted to make something special, initially I was planning on some multi-layered cake, with ganache, sugar flowers and all the works which is  when reality hit hard – who will eat all this??I cannot afford to put on more weight than I already have, better half is consuming the bakes that I am trying out everyday for my showcase and my neighbour's  are on a diet too (all my fault)
So the next option was to make something healthy and good enough to beat the summer heat! I had chunks of watermelon lying at home the next best thing that came to my mind was a sorbet Jhere goes the recipe!

Gauri Shirke


  1. Quantity
  2. 5 cups watermelon Diced (each cup = 200 ml)
  3. 1/2 cup sugar Granulated
  4. ½ cup water
  5. one lime Juice of
  6. 2 hours chilling time


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    Take a heavy bottom or a non-stick pan, add water and sugar and bring to boil over medium heat, stir in between to dissolve the sugar. Once the sugar is dissolved simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let the mixture cool completely.

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    Meanwhile de-seed the watermelon, measure approximately 5 cups and place it in the food processor / mixer. Add juice of one large lemon (remove the seeds)

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    Process until smooth, set a sieve over a large bowl and press this puree through the sieve to remove tiny seeds if any. Now whisk in the cooled sugar syrup.

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    Put this liquid in a shallow pan; put it in the freezer till ice crystals form around the edges. Stir the ice crystals into the center of the pan and return to the freezer; repeat every 15-20 minutes until all the liquid is frozen. Serve immediately or can be stored in the freezer to be served later.

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    Now that I have given you the details of my recipes, let me tell you about the ‘Home-Baker Showcase’ that I am taking part in.

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    Here is the poster for the event - All those in Bangalore, would love to see you guys and do drop in@ The Runner Girl's Kitchen.

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    On the 23rd of March 2013, twenty home bakers from Bangalore will come together to showcase their baking skill. It’s more like a bake-sale where home bakers will get their best bakes to sell. It’s for the first time I am taking part in such a big event and competing with some very talented, experienced bakers. I have a huge butterfly in my stomach already, most of my product are simple as against gourmet.

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    I cannot seem to think of anything else other than this showcase in-turn resulting in not much happening on the blog, especially for the 1st year anniversary.

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    Waiting for my first event's successful completion, post which I promise to come back with something special for my Blog Anniversary. Till then please pray that I have a Sell-Out Showcase!

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