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Pomegranate mousse cake

POMEGRANATE- one of the most powerful, nutrient dense and anti-oxidant fruit. Its main origin is PERSIA. Its one of an  oldest fruit which is known to be found in  many religious and cultural writings. Dried pomegranate seeds are used in many Mughlai and other cuisines
Pomegranate is my son’s one of the favorite fruit. He loves to have it in any form, so thought to give it a different  avatar. So made this pomegranate mousse which was ready in minimum time and was over in no time. It had tanginess of lemon, sweetness, color and goodness  of pomegranate juice. For the base of mousse cake I have used here chocolate sponge as chocolates and chocolate cakes are kids all time favorite.
You can use vanilla sponges or digestive biscuits as a base
Here’s the recipe of my pomegranate mousse cake, a very yummy, easy to make dessert which will definitely be loved by all.

Farrukh Aziz


  1. 250 ml Pomegranate juice (fresh)
  2. 100 ml Heavy cream
  3. 4 tbsps Sugar (may vary according to sweetness prefered)
  4. one Lemon juice
  5. 1 Chocolate sponge
  6. 2 tsps Gelatin
  7. 5 tbsps pomegranate seeds Fresh
  8. 3 tbsps Water


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    Sprinkle water over gelatin and allow it to bloom

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    Pack the base of the 7 inch ring mould with the chocolate sponge. Thickness of the base should be just around 1 cm

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    Whip the cream till it forms the stiff peak

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    In a pan, heat the juice with sugar and lemon juice till sugar dissolve completely

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    Take it off the stove, add gelatin mixture in juice mixture and mix till it dissolves very well

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    Now add juice-gelatin mixture in the whipped cream and mix well

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    Pour half of the mixture over the chocolate sponge base, spread the pomegranate seeds on it

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    Pour remaining half of the mixture over the pomegranate seeds

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    Refrigerate till set

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