Ready in 5 min. And taste just a Bangali rasgulla. Try it and make your guest happy

Parul Jain


For 4 rasgullas
  1. Bread slice - 1
  2. 1 tsp Fresh malai -
  3. Chashni - 1/2 katori (2 tsp sugar + 1/4 katori paani​ cook and make thin syrup)
  4. 2 tsp Coconut Powder -
  5. Chopped pista for Garnish


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    Take a bread slice. And cut the small rounds with the help of small cookie cutter or cold drink bottle lid.

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    You will get 9 rounds with 1 slice.

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    Spred malai on one round and cover with another round. Make like a sandwich.

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    Dip this small sandwich in the chashni. And imediately comes out from the chashni.

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    Coat the dipped round with coconut powder.

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    Garnish with Chopped pista. Put in the fridge for chilled.

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