Falahari Taco

Falahari Taco

It is best in fasts and in janamashtmi try this taco filled with jeera aloo ( bideshi nam desi tadka......#janamashtmi)



  1. For tacos
  2. 1cup Kuttu atta-
  3. 1tps Oil-
  4. to taste Rock salt
  5. For stuffing
  6. 2 Boiled potato -
  7. 2 tbsn Peas carrot boiled-
  8. 1tsp Jeera-
  9. 1 Green chilli-
  10. 1/2tsp Red chilli powder-
  11. 1tsp Dhaniya powder-
  12. 1/4tsp Garam masala-
  13. leaves Coriander
  14. 1tps Crumbled paneer-
  15. Oil


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    Mix oil and salt in atta knead hard dough

  2. Change

    Kuttu atta is difficult to roll so take plastic sheet and flatten with hand thin chapti

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    I microwave chapati for 30seconds. It makes it easy to fry acos in iron tawa

  4. Change

    Heat non stick tawa and roast chapti from both sides fold the chapati with the help of rolling pin when chapati hot We can fry it in oil also

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    Tacos are ready

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    Stuffing Heat oil in a pan add jeera. When jeera cracked add all the dry masala fry for just Add all the vegetables and paneer Mix it well

  7. Change

    Assemble Fill this stuffing in tacos with the help of spoon. Fill all the tacos decorate with crumbled paneer,grated coconut and coriander leaves. Serve with dhaniya dahi chutney

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