It's an awesome recpie. is a Bangali Dessert. I inovative it in my own way . Hope you all like it.#Bandhan

Parul Jain


For 4 persons
  1. 1 tight Mango
  2. 1 bowl Chena (homemade paneer) -
  3. to Taste Sugar Powder - according
  4. 2 tsp Milk powder -
  5. few drops Rose water -
  6. Chopped pista, rose petals and mint leaves for garnish


Nonfire recpie
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    First take homemade chena.

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    Mash with your finger tips.

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    Make it soft.

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    Mix sugar Powder in it according to your taste.

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    Add milk powder and drops of rose water.

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    Mix well with your finger tips.

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    Slice the thick Mango.

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    Place this sweet chena mixture on the slice of Mango tightly.

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    Make a thick layer of sweet chena on the slice of Mango.

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    Garnish with Chopped pista, rose petals and mint leaves.

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