Methi aloo

Methi aloo

Gunjan Chhabra


  1. 1/2 ke. g methi (clean, wash, finally chopped)
  2. 6,7 potato (clean, wash, cube, cut)
  3. 2,3 red chilli
  4. 9,10 garlic (finally chopped)
  5. In pinch hing
  6. To taste salt
  7. 1 green chilli (finally chopped)
  8. 1 spoon musterd oil


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    Take a kadhai, add oil and garlic, chilli, hing and burn it.

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    Add methi, allu, salt and cover the kadiea 15 minutes.

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    After 15 minutes burn and soak extra water.

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    Now, ready to eat with chapatti.

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