Aloo matar gobhi

Aloo matar gobhi

Delicious sabji for dinner

Roli Srivastava


  1. 1 medium size cauliflower
  2. 2 big potatoes
  3. 1 bowl green peas
  4. 2-3 onion
  5. 7-8 thick garlic cloves
  6. 1 1/2 piece ginger
  7. 2 tomatoes
  8. 2 green chilli
  9. For masala
  10. 1 spoon coriander seeds
  11. 1 black cardamom
  12. 2 small cardamom
  13. 2-3 cloves
  14. 4-5 black pepper
  15. 1 small spoon cumin seeds
  16. 1/2 inch stick cinnamon
  17. Very small piece of nutmeg
  18. Dry masala
  19. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  20. 1 tsp red chilli powder
  21. Other ingredients
  22. 1 spoon kasoori methi
  23. Chopped coriander
  24. For tempering
  25. 1/4 tsp methi dana
  26. 1/4 tsp asafoetida
  27. 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
  28. 1/4 tsp funnel seeds
  29. 1/4 tsp onion seeds
  30. 2 bay leaves
  31. 2-3 big spoon oil
  32. to taste Salt


  1. Cut and wash cauliflower and potatoes

    Take a deep pan put oil in it and fry cauliflower and potatoes separate till golden

  2. Boil onion ginger garlic green chilli and tomato and make a fine paste don't throw the remaining water keep it aside

  3. Dry roast all the whole masala and make a fine powder of it

    Now take the same oil that is left after frying vegetable

  4. Heat it again and put all the tempering masala in it

    When it starts cracking add onion paste to it

  5. After 5 min on high flame add all the dry masala and cook for another 5 minutes

    Now add the prepared roasted masala and green peas and cook till oil comes out

  6. Add salt and fried cauliflower and potatoes mix it well with light hands

    Add 1 glass of water or according to the thickness of gravy you need

  7. Cook till cauliflower and potatoes are completely cooked

    Off the gas and garnish it with chopped coriander and kasoori methi and serve it hot with roti or paratha

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