Till and dryfruit chikki

Till and dryfruit chikki

Sankranti per kuttch mitha jo jaye

nilamharsha bhatia


two person
  1. 250 gm sugar
  2. 50 gm till
  3. 50 gm dry fruit


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    First roast the till for five minutes on slow flame.

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    Take one plate and put it inside.

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    Take a kadai and add the sugar and hot in the slow flame till the brown.stir continously as well.use half quantity for both chikki.

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    Check your chasni in little water.when one drop chasni nahi chipke then add till.

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    Now switch off the gas and stir as well.

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    Greas the kitchen stands floor and spread the mixture of till and sugar.

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    Now spread the mixture and make a thin roti with the roller pin.

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    Cut the square pieces with hands and store in air tight container.

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