Choconuts bread instant cake

Choconuts bread instant cake

nilamharsha bhatia


2 person
  1. 6 slices bread
  2. to taste choco syrup
  3. 1 bowl whipped cream or malai fresh
  4. As needed nut as you like i give kishmish and akhrot
  5. as needed chuare dipped in the milk
  6. 50 gm unsalted butter
  7. 50 gm sugar powder
  8. 50 gm mix fruit gam


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    First cut the circle of bread pieces.put it one side.

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    Make a mixture of sugar and cream.mix as well.

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    Now spread butter on the bread one side.

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    Spread with butter knife cream mixture on it as well.

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    Now take another bread pic and spread fruit jam on it.

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    This jam pic covered on creamed bread.

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    This process do with another pieces and make a tower.

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    Now choco syrup spread on it.

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    Decorate with chaure.

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    Put half an hour in the freezer for setting.

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