Ragi Banana Almond Milkshake

Ragi Banana Almond Milkshake

#Healthy Cooking with Millets.
We usually make banana milk shake with milk. What if we make it using Fingermillet ( ragi flour). It will be more healthy and wholesome food can take in breakfast.I have not added any artificial sweetener to this milk shake.

Asifa Kouser


  1. 1 glass milk
  2. 1 tbs finger millet
  3. 6-7 Almonds
  4. 1 big banana
  5. 2 cardamom pods


  1. Peel and chop banana.

  2. Peel Almond skin(which I soaked previous night)

  3. Heat 2 TBS water and add 1tbs ragi flour mix and cook. Let it cool

  4. In a jar add banana, Almonds, cardamom, cooked ragi flour and little milk, blend it into smooth paste.

  5. Add remaining milk and blend once again.

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