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Rutika Dubey


  1. Onion 1 choped
  2. Tomato 1 choped
  3. Sev 2-3 tbspns
  4. Salt as teast
  5. 1 tbspn Red Mirch
  6. Cumin powder
  7. 7-8 Moneco biscuits
  8. tbsp Green chutney1
  9. Tometo sauce 1 tbsn


5 minit
  1. Change

    Chopped onion,to me to,salt red mirch mix in bowl

  2. Change

    Moneco biscuit set in plate

  3. Add Photo

    Add mixture on biscuits

  4. Add Photo

    Add 1 spn green chutney and kechup and cumin poweder

  5. Change

    Garnishing with sev and serve it..

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