Crystal Weber
2 recipes Rupert, Idaho
l am a married woman. My husband and l have two male young adult boys, who are both very picky eaters. We are always looking for a variety of ways to enjoy foods and drinks. We love to prepare and cook, and be inspired by different cultures, and different kinds of foods to prepare. l love this cooking app, it's one of my favorites! Thank you Cookpad staff for this wonderfully made inspiration! 🤗😀
Daman Gera
New Delhi, India
Ajeesh Mohan
Bangalore, India
Tej Somesh
3 recipes
My experiments in the kitchen started with my first need to clear my scout guides cooking test. It's a love story with food that started through the joy it brought people who tasted it. Brave trials and error led to more achievement and bigger highs at the end of them. I didn't realize when this turned into my passion. I cook coz I just plain love food and how it can bring people close, in conversations, sharing ideas. So here's a journey of my passion....come be a part of it.
Trivandrum, India
Priyanka Madhukar