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"Never trust a skinny chef" :p
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A Bachelor is cooking..
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Everything is better on a full stomach. I cook when I am happy, tired, depressed, anxious, and it always makes my day better. And we always have people over, and it gives me plenty chances to keep trying out new recipes.
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My passion for cooking started after my son was born...Cooking is a stress buster for me and I love experimenting on different cuisines ..
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Welcome to Kholoud's bakery! I am a mom of two great kids. So the free time left (which is really not much) I try to split between my two biggest passions: baking and photography... I bake and then spent lots of time to take a picture! This keeps me busy but happy! I hope you will enjoy spending some time with me and trying out my recipes. Bon Apetit!
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Welcome on my page at cucumbertown. I'm here to get new inspirations from all over the world. I love vegetables and I try to choose my food seasonal, organic and local. I welcome your suggestions and comments. If you like my recipes, you feel encouraged to review and share. I have a food blog in German language http://salatwerkstatt.de. On my blog I write on topics related to sustainable agriculture and food culture. Marek Thielemann
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handmade healthy creations from dina's cucina. i draw my inspiration from locally-sourced, seasonal produce along with my italian-american heritage and southern california lifestyle. buon appetito.