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11 recipes chennai
i used to cook at my home during holidays,it makes me confident and cheerful
60 recipes Richmond ,USA
Hi everyone..I am Anu Ashin..Kitchen Snippets as its tagline says is my small world that I created" for my love of cooking " ...Its my small yet sincere venture to share some recipes with you...I am sharing recipes that I have tried and enjoyed....Hope you will enjoy them as well...Happy Cooking
16 recipes Cochin
A Banker turned Baker is what I am...lol....baking is my new passion and I am a Cake Artist who customize cakes to client requirements....You can see my work at Jenys Cake Corner in Facebook. I also have a blog ( www.jenycooks.com) that I post from time to time with my experiments that I do in my kitchen !!! Food is love and my love is spread through food and bakes !!!!
Habadhaba Baba
89 recipes chicago
Born in India and now living in Chicago. Food is celebration for me. Indian foods are not only great in taste but have a health factor related to it. Indian food and spices are not only tasty and flavorful; they also add a lot of benefits to our health. I have tried to take advantage of herbs and spices and infuse the American and Italian lcuisine. It is sort of East meets West. My dishes are easy to make and everyone can do it. Just come on and join me in my kitchen. We will have a lot fun! I use a unique mixture of Ginger, Garlic and Tumeric (in equal parts) with peppers, like long chilli spicy, habernero even Ghost peppers. It is potent and healthy. Dont't live to Eat, Eat to Live. Worked at Chefluciano's Restuarant in Chicago for 30 years. Now I am retired.