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Sharing healthy and delicious Haitian food recipes, cooking with love, passion and enthusiasm. Join me on YouTube @ Taicha's Cuisine for more recipes.
Spicy Hindustani Family Food
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we always are eager to have to new recipe in food channels because all the time in our stomach new ideas jumps for eating a delicious and mouth watering foods.
Neran ELwijdan
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10 recipes England
Harune H
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I'm Japanese living in Tokyo. Love for cooking beyonds the border! Make everyday cooking/baking more fun :)
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Since I was a kid, I remember sitting in the kitchen to watch and/or help my parents. As I grew up, I decided to try their recipes and experiment with different recipes. Some were very good and I re-make them all of the time. Others? Yeah, I never tried them again. All of the recipes that I post are the very good ones. Also, while growing up, my pops suffered from high blood pressure, so my mom stopped adding sodium. Since that is how I was raised, all of the dishes that I post do not have any extra sodium added to it. A lot of friends and family who try my recipes, either do not notice nor miss it. But in no way am I saying not to add salt if you use my recipes. If you want to add it, then go for it. In closing, I hope that you enjoy my recipes. If you use any, then please post pictures. Enjoy!
Kotegawa Brave
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This person is an amature artist who also have a passion for cooking but he doesnt have any god damn talent and skills on cooking. Still he loves to cook and discover new taste and flavors he also believes that someday he will have his own restaurant this person was still learning and this is just the begining of his cooking journey, the end.
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Hi, Welcome to my Blog!