Yasmin Poncha
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Pari Vasisht
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Antara Ray
Calcutta, India
india howrah salkia
Adarsh Munjal
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Bangalore, India
Shirin Mehrotra
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Mauro Fernandez
5 recipes São Paulo, Brazil
I'm 28, argentine and cook since childhood. My teacher was life, internet, books and my grandmother. I have experience in contemporary and Italian restaurants. I prefer the rustic food but I am able to prepare more elaborate and "gourmet" dishes. I hope you like my recipes!
Chef Sidd
Bangalore, Sicily, Calabria, Singapore, Dubai
Amrita Kaur
8 recipes Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Harkirat Uberoi
8 recipes Jubail Saudi Arabia
Hunger and passion for food drives me to cook and experiment!!
Sanaa A'esha
145 recipes Bangalore, India
Everything is better on a full stomach. I cook when I am happy, tired, depressed, anxious, and it always makes my day better. And we always have people over, and it gives me plenty chances to keep trying out new recipes.