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Best describing me would be a "self proclaimed foodie" who love to spend most of the time experimenting in my Lab (kitchen) .My greatest support is my husband who gives me new ideas for my experiments.Most of the recipes are adapted or u can say improvised from my mom ,mother-in -law and off course books and cookery shows. Hope u guys like them.
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Everything is better on a full stomach. I cook when I am happy, tired, depressed, anxious, and it always makes my day better. And we always have people over, and it gives me plenty chances to keep trying out new recipes.
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Cooker under pressure
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Cooking is my passion. Here I mainly post Keralite & German traditional recipes of desserts and snacks that I make.
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I cook because I love to eat. It's really as simple as that. Fortunately for me, I married a foodie (who happens to be a much much better cook than me). Fairly early in the marriage I realized the best way to avoid ego clashes about each other's cooking was to make things Karan had no expertise on. And thus my tryst with baking began. Today, I can't imagine a life without my oven, maida, butter and sugar :)
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I really want to start this line by saying that I started cooking at the age of one :D I really am not sure at what age I started cooking. But, I fondly remember that I used to be really happy making drinks and snacks whenever a guest rang the bell. Those days, my cooking skills were limited to Tang, Squashes or Horlicks :) I went for some cooking and baking classes during my Summer Holidays when I was fourteen years old. I owe a lot to Fauzia Mam who taught me the basics of cooking and baking and owe a lot more to my Mom & Dad who made the right decision at the right time for me. From then on, I started trying out a lot of recipes. Today, I am happily married and my husband is a big foodie . He brings out the best in me and tells me what exactly went right (and wrong) with each dish that I make. Here are some of the recipes that I often make at home. Hope you like them as much as I do :)
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Easy to bake/make tried out , fool proof recipes from my recipe stash.