Odell Barnes
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Crystal Weber
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l am a married woman. My husband and l have two male young adult boys, who are both very picky eaters. We are always looking for a variety of ways to enjoy foods and drinks. We love to prepare and cook, and be inspired by different cultures, and different kinds of foods to prepare. l love this cooking app, it's one of my favorites! Thank you Cookpad staff for this wonderfully made inspiration! 🤗😀
Marisa Amy
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NY Foodie
Alta Vida Culinary Studio
  • New Mexico
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Mansfield Rivera
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  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
maria alk (and little adam)
  • Akron, Ohio
I love food so yes I love to cook and bake, love traveling so I like many foods from around the world....Most of all I love my 2boys (oldest 21 the youngest 2)😍😊😁😇
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada
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Dillon Deaner
  • The Middle Of Cookville
I really love smoked meats....
Tami Vandiford
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  • Knott County.. Kentucky (USA)
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Im a down home country girl who loves to cook up n try new things n recipes....n spend time with my animals...I love to read books n learn new things. N I love to do Zumba Fitness ;)
Rumi Enaye
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  • Bristol
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Fish-pie level baker
  • Sydney Australia