Deepa Manjaly
4 recipes thrissur, kerala
always love doing things creative and so enjoys experimenting in kitchen and always glad to taste new.
Gunjan Chhabra
135 recipes
Vanika Agrawal
238 recipes Pune
47 recipes Hungary, Budapest
Hi! My goal is to create my own fusion kitchen: i would like to highlight that there are no borders in mixing tastes and cooking styles. I love all the kitchens of the world but if i had to name my top 3 then they would be: 1.asian (all countries of asia), 2.italian,3. mediterrenean, and middle-eastern. I like to discover new spices and ideas. Im just cooking for fun, but i hope to be better and better every time. At last but not least im a die hard Tupac fan since i was 12 years old.
144 recipes Indonesia; Germany
I have found my passion in baking and keep trying something new in kitchen. Please have a look on my blog as well https://breadlovertika.blogspot.in/ Here I write down the recipes that I have ever done in my experiment kitchen. I found out that baking bread or playing with dough, cooking brings happiness to my innerself. Nb. in my cooking, I do not use garlic.
Preetha Soumyan
26 recipes India
Smitha's Junoon
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Food Blogger, Amateur Food Photographer
Trivandrum, India