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Busy haven't been posting new recipes mother of 1 cooking is a passion I have enjoy the recipes sorry no private chats 🙅🏻👍🏿💍🔐
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Cooking is a hobby and a passion of mine. I love cooking and trying new and different things. The best thing about cooking? I get to prepare delicious food for my family and friends that they (almost) always love! Lol. Each of my recipes is tried and tested before posting and I hope you find as much joy in preparing them as I do.
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Hi! My goal is to create my own fusion kitchen: i would like to highlight that there are no borders in mixing tastes and cooking styles. I love all the kitchens of the world but if i had to name my top 3 then they would be: 1.asian (all countries of asia), 2.italian,3. mediterrenean, and middle-eastern. I like to discover new spices and ideas. Im just cooking for fun, but i hope to be better and better every time. At last but not least im a die hard Tupac fan since i was 12 years old.
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Clinical Psychologist || Lecture || Wife || Mom of 2 Angels || Love Sharing and Cooking || Simple Pic (PaonTaksu@2016) Support by apps PicsArt|| #Menjadi Psikolog adalah panggilan hati utk menjadi bermanfaat dgn empati sbg kekuatannya.Menjadi pengajar adalah memenuhi asa akan idealis dan intelektual diri.Menjadi istri adalah nikmat yg patut disyukuri dlm hidup.Menjadi seorang ibu adalah anugrah terbesar sepanjang hidup utk terus berproses mnjdi manusia.Dan memasak adalah sebuah kreatifitas utk meningkatkan kecerdasan kognitif,afektif dan psikomotorik.Karena menjadi wanita Bali sesungguhnya adalah tegak dan mampu mngatasi konflik peran gandanya# Happy cooking semua..salam kenal dari Saya.
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Hi... I am Priyanka, a stay at home mom. Here I share my favourite recipes which I usually cook for my family and friends. Most of the recipes are adapted or inspired from my mother, cookbooks, cookery shows, cooking blogs etc. Hope you enjoy my blog.