Haadia Javed
1 recipe Karachi, Pakistan
By profession a doctor, born and raised in Pakistan. 💚 Self taught. Live for desserts and sweets. Sweet tooth. Love to passionately bake and cook. Inherited love for food and cooking . Always interested to experimemt with baking & new recipes in my home kitchen. Love travelling as well and with that experiencing the unique tastes of different regional cuisines. Aspiring to become a great doctor and excel in food industry. Sharing my recipes makes me happy and helps me to do more :)
Siddiqa Khan
2 recipes Sheffield
I enjoy cooking many dishes 🍜 & cusines. If you want to learn cooking 🍽 foods that are great in taste and liked by everyone, you should first learn basic Pakistani recipes that are eaten eagerly in our culture. There are so many different types of food out there that there are endless possibilities of what you can cook.
Verity G
17 recipes Bristol
Hi! 👋 I'm Verity, a CM here at Cookpad UK 🇬🇧 I love experimenting with new recipes, finding healthy versions of food I love and indulging in the occasional curry! 😋