Hokkaido's Spring Cream Sauce Pasta

Hokkaido's Spring Cream Sauce Pasta

Hokkaido is the most fertile agricultural and dairy place in Japan. When spring has arrived, Asparagus is eagerly anticipated by people living in Hokkaido. This recipe is for easily enjoying spring gift.

Gaku Hagiwara


3 servings
  1. 300 g Pasta
  2. 10 Asparagus
  3. 100 g Bacon
  4. 50 cc Milk
  5. 1 knob Butter
  6. handful Instant Vegetable Broth
  7. handful Salt
  8. handful Pepper
  9. 1 clover of garlic


15 min
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    Boil pasta with handful salt

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    Chop up bacon and asparagus

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    Continue stir frying with a clover of garlic until bacon and asparagus wilted

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    Add milk, handful instant vegetable broth and 1 knob butter to bacon and asparagus

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    Add boiled pasta into bacon and asparagus

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    Dress pasta with cream sauce

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    Grind pepper all over the pasta

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