Breakfast (or dinner) of champions

Breakfast (or dinner) of champions

First part of the idea shared to me by my sister. Second part of the idea from a friend. This accidental wonder will now be making a regular appearance at meal times!

Rebekah Coveney


  1. Big mushroom
  2. Slice avocado
  3. Slice goats cheese
  4. 1 egg


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    Grill the mushroom for a minute or two

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    Add the sliced avocado and goats cheese on top of the mushroom and grill until melted

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    Meanwhile, poach your egg....

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    Everyone has their methods, but if you've not tried poaching before, this is how I do it... fill a large pan with boiling water from a kettle and add a drizzle of vinegar. Bring pan back to the boil.

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    Meanwhile, crack your egg(s) into a mug (I usually do maximum two eggs to a mug, so use two mugs if you're poaching 3 or 4 eggs)

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    Take the pan off the heat so that the water 'calms down' a bit and swirl the water using a fork so you have a nice quick whirl pool.

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    Quick as you can, pour the eggs from the mugs into the water and return to the heat

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    At this point, it's normal for it to look like it's all gone a bit pear shaped, but keep going - they might not be as bad as you think

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    Cook eggs over the medium heat for two minutes - any more than that you'll have a hard yolk. Remove the eggs promptly from the water using a slotted spoon onto a plate or paper towel to drain off a bit of the water.

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    Then transfer your egg(s) to your dish and enjoy!

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