Perfect boiled egg

Perfect boiled egg

Boiled egg has to be one of the easiest things in the World to cook. I like to make this on Sundays, when breakfast is a leisurely pleasure rather than a mad rush. For me a perfect boiled egg is one that has a runny - but not too liquidy - yolk and firm - but not hard - white. This is my perfect boiled egg recipe.



1 serving
  1. 1 egg
  2. water


5 mins
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    Put enough water in the pan so that the egg is covered by 2 cm. water. Take the egg out, bring the water to boiling point and then carefully put the egg back in with the help of a large spoon, taking care not to break the shell

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    After five minutes (exactly 5!) turn the heat off, pour the hot water down the sink and run the cold water tap over the egg for a few seconds. This stops the cooking process from continuing.

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    Take the egg and gently tap one end on a hard surface to make little cracks. Gently peel the shell of this end. Then with the help of a teaspoon, ease the egg out of the shell and onto the slice of toast.

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