🐷Japanese cold pork shabu shabu salad🥗

🐷Japanese cold pork shabu shabu salad🥗

This is popular healthy cuisine for summer in Japan.
I really like this.

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2 people
  1. 200 g thinly sliced pork 🐷
  2. 1 tomato 🍅
  3. 3 boiled eggs 🥚
  4. some lettuce


  1. Wash veggies

  2. Cut tomato and boiled eggs and lettuce for salad.

  3. Put 1. on a dish

  4. Soak the thinly sliced pork. After that, let them cool with ice and water.

  5. Drain off the water from 4.

  6. Put 5. on 3.

  7. You can serve the salad with any source as you like. I recommend ponzu sauce.

  8. Enjoy!

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