Amazing cheese pie

Amazing cheese pie

This is an easy and delicious cheese pie that everyone will just love!

Recipe by mourlia

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  1. 1 packet puff pastry
  2. 2 cups milk
  3. 1/2 cup fine semolina
  4. 500 g - 600 g feta cheese (you can also use 1/2 feta cheese and 1/2 manouri, an unsalted soft white cheese)
  5. pepper
  6. oil for brushing the baking tray
  7. sesame seeds


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    Brush the baking tray with oil and spread one puff pastry sheet.

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    Place the milk and the semolina in a pot and make a custard.

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    Grate the cheese and add it to the custard.

  4. Change

    Add a little pepper and pour the custard on the puff pastry sheet in the baking tray.

  5. Change

    Top with the second puff pastry sheet and seal the edges forming a decorative ring.

  6. Change

    Cut, score, sprinkle with a little water and sesame seeds maybe a little oil too.

  7. Change

    Bake at 180°C for about 1 hour. Bon appétit!!

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