Easy Samosa

Easy Samosa

Easy to make and very delicious samosa. Minimum ingredients and minimum time to make. Dough of samosa can be used for all kind of pastries. Enjoy watching World Cup Soccer championship while eating samosa.

Ozodaxon Rahmonova


10-12 pieces
  1. For dough:
  2. 200-220 gr flour
  3. 180 ml cold water
  4. 1 t/sp salt
  5. 30-50 gr soft butter
  6. For Filling:
  7. 400 gr beef(any meet is ok)
  8. 1-2 piece onions (medium size)
  9. 1 t/sp cumin and coriander
  10. to taste Salt according
  11. Sesame for decoration


1 hours
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    Mix Water+salt+flour. Make medium soft dough

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    And keep it for 10 min.

  3. Change

    After 10min roll out the dough until 5mm thickness.

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    And then spread soft butter.

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    Wrap it carefully and well

  6. Change

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    And then cut the dough from center.

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    Finally pie dough is ready.

  9. Change

    Next step is to cut it to small size to make samosa

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    After cutting dough to should look like this.

  11. Change

    Cut beef and onions to small sizes and mix well with salt, coriander and cumin.

  12. Change

    Add salt and spices according to taste.

  13. Change

    Put filling on the center of rolled out dough.

  14. Change

    Attach the corners of the dough as shown in the picture.

  15. Change

  16. Change

    Decorate top of the samosa with sesame.

  17. Change

    Last step is to bake samosa in the oven 30-40min. (180©)

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    Easy samosa is ready. Bon appetite!

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