Pasta con zucca e salsiccia

Pasta con zucca e salsiccia

Pasta with pumpkin and sausage. An Italian classic

Nick Civetta


  1. 6 good pork sausages, casing removed
  2. 500 g pasta
  3. 1 butternut squash or half a pumpkin
  4. Salt, pepper, olive oil
  5. Some white wine
  6. Handful Parmigiano that you grated yourself don't be lazy


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    Cut the butternut squash into tiny tiny pieces. Saute them until soft. Add some white wine or water to help out.

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    In a separate pan, brown the sausage. Then brown again until its cooked

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    Also u gotta boil some water for the pasta then cook the pasta. I like a farfalle for this dish.

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    Once the squash is soft, smash it all up into a paste. You can use a food processor as well. Add a bit of water until a nice sauce like texture is achieved.

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    Combine the sausage and squash mixture in a hot pan.

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    Pour in the pasta and add copious amounts of grated Parmigiano cheese. The real stuff keep it 100 boo. No imitators.

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    Mix it all together and serve. Pay no attention to the beet salad in that photo. It's an imposter.

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