Japanese inspired salmon and soba frittata

Japanese inspired salmon and soba frittata

I didn’t have all the ingredients for my salmon frittata and was craving Japanese okonomiyaki flavours so I raided the pantry and created this! 🇯🇵🇮🇹

Philip Pantelides


2-3 people
  1. 2 salmon fillets
  2. 2 red onions
  3. 1 red chilli
  4. 250 g tenderstem broccoli
  5. 7 eggs
  6. 50 ml dashi
  7. 2 tbsp mirin
  8. 3 bunches soba noodles
  9. 0.5 cup seaweed
  10. Handful katsubushi flakes


30 mins
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    Preheat the oven to 200c

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    Chop the chilli, broccoli and onion

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    Boil the noodles as per packet instructions. Drain when ready.

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    Fry the vegetables in a pan on a high heat in sesame oil

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    Slice the salmon into small chunks and sear in the pan skin side down. Flip after 2 mins and sear for another 2 mins

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    Meanwhile mix dashi, mirin and eggs. Season.

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    Drain the noodles and freshen under cold water. Add to the pan with seaweed. Stir

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    Add the beaten egg and dashi / mirin mixture. Mix in.

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    Leave on the stove for 2 mins then place in the oven for 5mins at 200c

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    Serve in the pan topped with katsuobushi ✌🏼🎌

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