Pannekoek (pancake)

Pannekoek (pancake)

Something for a rainy day



28 servings
  1. 500 grams flour
  2. 25 ml bakingpowder
  3. 5 ml salt
  4. 5 large eggs
  5. 260 ml milk
  6. 260 ml water
  7. 60 ml oil
  8. 1 oil for baking
  9. Cynamon Sugar
  10. 1 cup white sugar
  11. 30 ml cynamon powder


40 mins
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    Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl (5l), mix in the eggs and the rest.

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    Ensure there is no lumps in the mixture

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    Now for the difficult part to bake it

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    Make the Cinnamon sugar mix, mix the sugar and cinnamon together add more cinnamon to taste.

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    Heat up (180C) a pan 25cm to 30cm cote with a very thin layer of oil.

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    Cover the bottom with the batter about 2mm thick, bake until it starts to lift or make bubbles flip over bake for about 1 minute.

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    Bake till light brown

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    Put in a plate and sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar mix while hot, and roll up

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    Geniet / Enjoy

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