Shahi shakarpara

Shahi shakarpara


Palak Manghwani


  1. 500 grams maida
  2. 100 ml oil
  3. 400 gram sugar
  4. 200 ml water
  5. as needed Pista for garnish


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    Add oil and salt in maida and mix them well keep adding little amount of water and make a dough.

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    Take a small dough and make a thin rectangular sheet use

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    Use a knife of cutter to make cuts in the middle of sheet

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    Put the little water in the corner and fold them 2 times.

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    Take one of the side and fold in reverse through in the middle Patti.

  6. Change

    Heat the oil at medium flame and put all the leaves into it and fry on both sides until light golden brown at low flame take out all the leaves from oil and put it into syrup.

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    In a pan add water and sugar and boil it. When water start boiling then simmer Flame and cook it. When ur syrup get one string consistency then turn of the flame.

  8. Change

    Souk in sugar syrup and garnish with pista and Kesar.

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