Rose Börek

Rose Börek

Instead of buying "yufka" to make Börek, make it with your own dough. You can find these bakery products in any international food market. But instead why don't you make your own? These can be frozen after they are cooked and cooled. With this recipe, you will make 24 rose Börek rolls. If you only want to make 12 rolls, use half the ingredients!



6 servings
  1. Dough:
  2. 4 cups flour
  3. 1 tsp sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon salt
  5. 1 package instant yeast
  6. 4 1/2 oz yogurt at room temperature
  7. 4 1/2 oz warm milk
  8. 7 oz warm water
  9. Fillings:
  10. 1 package frozen spinach
  11. 1 bunch fresh spinach (or get 1 more package of frozen spinach)
  12. 2 boiled potatoes / mashed/ seasoned with salt and pepper
  13. 1/2 lb feta / crumbled
  14. 1 egg yolk to brush the dough
  15. 1/3 cup oil to brush
  16. Sesame seeds
  17. Nigella seeds or fennel seeds


25 mins
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    Mix sugar with water, add a package of yeast and wait for 10 minutes. Meanwhile in a deep mixing bowl pour flour, salt then add yogurt and milk in center of the dough.

  2. Change

    Add yeast into the flour mixture.

  3. Change

    You work with the dough by kneading until the dough no longer sticks to your hand. It must be a clean smooth dough. Keep the dough in warm place and keep it covered until double its size - about 30 minutes to one hour. Start preparing its fillings

  4. Change

    I had a package of frozen spinach and left over fresh spinach. I boiled a half cup of water, added frozen spinach, some vegetable oil, covered it up, until unfrozen. Then turned the heat off and added fresh spinach covered them up until they got tender. (or instead , you use 2 package of frozen spinach) !In a small pot, I heated 2 spoonfuls of oil, chopped dry onions and sautéed until onions got softer. Turned it off, cooled and added feta, salt and pepper. Mix this cheese and spinach in a bowl, keep it ready for filling. At this point you can boil potatoes if you want to make Böreks with potato too!

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    The dough has risen. I made 6 even mandarin-shaped balls, placed them on a floured surface . While you work one of the dough balls, keep covered the other balls to prevent them drying out.

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    You will have a bowl of oil, some flour, your filling, rolling pin and brush ready. Before you start working with a ball of dough you sprinkle some flour on the working surface .

  7. Change

    Roll the pin back and forth on the dough, Stretch it until you have enough round pizza shaped base. Cut it into quarters with a pizza cutter or a knife

  8. Change

    Brush the dough with oil

  9. Change

    Place the filling on each of the quarters on the perimeters. Start rolling each section. Set the oven to 370F

  10. Change

    Roll each section one at a time, (not like you see in the picture below)

  11. Change

    Once rolled , then twist into a circular shape.

  12. Change

    Twirl around into a circle, then place it on the baking dish covered with parchment paper

  13. Change

    Continue working with other balls of dough until you are finished with them.

  14. Change

    Brush the rose boreks with egg yolks, and garnish with nigalla seeds. If you want to mark potato boreks, use sesame seeds or fennel seeds on them.

  15. Change

    Cook them for 25 minutes until both sides are cooked.

  16. Change

    Very soft and delicious ! Keep them in a ziplock bag or a tightly closed container in the fridge.

  17. Change

    Enjoy with your favorite tea! Mine is Turkish tea!

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